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welcome to our homepage:
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We are a game community from north Rhine Westphalia
We play online for fun and joy only.

We play primary games like Enemy Territory, RTCW, Quake3 and CONSOLE.

Cheater are not welcome, and won´t be tolleriert by us. Go on give us a try.
Our Member lives mainly in north Rhine Westphalia and in limited number also in the rest of Germany and Europe.
We only take people with are over 16 years of age. You become as a trial member for 1 month.
As a full member of our clan, you will get the sign [NRW] in front of your nickname.

You do not have to play if you do not want. We aren´t a league clan.
Funwars only after consultation of our warsquard.

If you want to join us or want to announce a "funwar" then you should contact us via e-mail or ICQ
(we are endeavor ourselves by the regulations & laws of the protection of children and young people)

Have fun with the [NRW] game community

(translation by [NRW] Dr. Schiwago)